Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver same day?

Yes, if we have products on hand when you place your order?

What are my Shipping options?

We can arrange shipping or you can arrange it yourself. When we do it we offer a To-Your-Door service in the USA. When you arrange it, we will deliver free of charge to the truck line or airline you specify in California.

Is there a minimum order?

The minimum shipping quantity is a single box of any item. Minimum order is $50.00. Customers in U.S.A. can purchase flowers by the bunch.

Do you pre-cool the flowers?

Yes, applicable flowers are pre-cooled immediately upon arrival from the growers. A forced-cold-air system brings the temperature to 36F.

Do I have to pay shipping fees?

Packing and Shipping cost will be billed according to volume and destination of your order.

How can I find the color of a rose when I have a special or wedding order?

Give us a call with the product description and quantity you need.

When do I pay for my flowers?

By credit card at the time you place your order.

Is the products I see listed on your website sitting at a warehouse somewhere?

No, you are purchasing fresh cut flowers which are still growing, or on their way to you.

If I can not find a flower type on your website can you find it for me?

Yes, with advance notice we can find the flower type you are looking for.

Are there additional costs?

No, we have taken care of all costs including import duty, anti-dumping and handling.

Who do you sell?

Commercial Floral Businesses, Wedding and Event Planners.

Do you sell mix boxes?

Yes, customers in the United States can order product in bunch quantities.

Does anyone in my area buy from you?

We have many floral businesses in North America registered with us, so it is possible.

What are the standard box sizes?

South America: Quarter Box= 102x25x13cm (41x10x5in), Half Box= 102x25x20cm (41x10x8in), Full Box=102x50x20cm (41x20x8in)Florida Greens: Quarter=75x35x13cm (30x14x5in), Half=75x35x23cm (30x14x9in), Full=75x35x38cm (30x14x15in)Thailand Orchids: 102x25x10cm (41x10x4in) California: Custom small box 40x8x4, Quarter box 40x8x8, Half box 40x16x8, Full box 48x20x12, Water Hamper 44x20x14 All sizes are approximate and may vary by grower and variety of flowers.

Can I book a standing order?

Yes, you can place a standing order for products that are in season.

Where do your flowers come from?

We have worldwide growers mainly from California, Ecuador, Columbia, Thailand, Holland.